Authors of R-and-R's

Revision: Please address the issues raised by each of your reviewers and make your manuscript revisions accordingly.

Along with your revisions to the manuscript, you should prepare an anonymous memorandum addressed to the editors and reviewers.  This memo should be included at the top of the electronic file of your revised manuscript. The memo should address the concerns raised by the different reviewers and detail the changes made in the manuscript in response. Information that you do not care to make available to the reviewers should be included in the text "Comments to the Editors" box that is available when you submit the manuscript online.

Length: The revised version should not be any longer than the original submission using the same margins and font size. If you need additional space, you should consider putting non-essential or supplementary materials in an on-line appendix.

Appendices:  You are welcome to have an on-line appendix associated with your paper. The JOP will host on-line appendices for published articles online as part of the published paper.  Any on-line appendices must be submitted as a separate file when your revised manuscript is re-submitted on-line to Editorial Manager.  This allows  reviewers of the final version of your manuscript to have access to it. 

If you choose to have an on-line appendix, you should refer to its availability in the first footnote of the paper immediately following any acknowledgments of research support or assistance.

First Footnote: Authors whose research has received financial support through grants or other awards must acknowledge that support in the first footnote of the manuscript.

Authors of quantitative papers must address the issue of data availability in the first footnote of their manuscript. Authors are expected to indicate in this footnote both where (on-line) they will deposit the information that is necessary to reproduce their numerical results and when that information will be posted. Authors should include not only the data used in the analysis but also the syntax files, specialized software and any other information necessary to reproduce the numerical results in the manuscript.

A sample footnote might read: 

"Support for this research was provided by National Science Foundation grant xxx-yyy.  Appendix A, Supplementary Figure A1, and Supplementary Data.xls containing formal proofs and supplemental analyses are available as part of this article online.  Data and supporting materials necessary to reproduce the numerical results will be made available at no later than whenever."

Submitting your Revision: When you have completed your revisions please log on to Editorial Manager as an author, and upload the revised Anonymous Manuscript with the embedded memo to editors and reviewers and, if needed, a separate file with the (anonymous) on-line appendix. Do not upload an Author Identified version of the manuscript at this point.