Book Reviews

The Journal of Politics publishes book reviews, thematic reviews of multiple books, and review essays on major books across subfields in Political Science. 
Book reviews are published online, with a list of books reviewed and review authors appearing in the Table of Contents, along with a link to the reviews, of the printed issue. 

Below is an example of how book reviews published in The Journal of Politics in this online format should be cited:
Mitchell Brown (2011). The Women's Movement Inside and Outside the State.
By Lee Ann Banaszak. (Cambridge University Press, 2010.) The Journal of Politics, 75, 1, pp. 1-5 doi 10.1017/S023478564
Book authors and (University press) publishers are encouraged to send review copies to:
Professor Valerie Hoekstra
School of Politics and Global Studies
Campus Box 873902
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-3902

If you are interested in reviewing a book for the Journal, please contact Valerie Hoekstra at Arizona State University valerie.hoekstra at 
Submitting Book Reviews
Please submit your review using the original email invitation.  That invitation includes a link to the Editorial Manager website that will allow you to upload your review.  Since final versions of book reviews must forwarded to the publisher as whether Word document or a LaTex file (with the related PDF) we strongly prefer that you submit using one of these file types.  Once your review is uploaded, it will be sent to your Editorial Manager reviewer page for your approval.  This will only take a few minutes.

Style Guidelines for Book Reviews
The JOP follows The Style Manual for Political Science (2001 revised edition, published by the APSA) supplemented by The Chicago Manual of Style as necessary. The current author guidelines are posted at The Journal of Politics website,, under “Instructions to Authors.”  
Book reviews for The Journal of Politics should be should be double spaced, using a standard sized font. All material, including long quotes, should be double-spaced. Please use minimal style formatting in your document. Reviews of single books should be between 750-1000 words.
The review should begin with a hanging indent paragraph for each book in the review that includes its title, subtitle, author/s or (editor/s), and publishing information in the following format:
In Time of War:  Understanding American Public Opinion from World War II to Iraq. By  Adam J. Berinsky.  (Cambridge University Press, 2009.)

Why Not Parties?  Party Effects in the United States Senate.  Edited by Nathan W.  Monroe, Jason M. Roberts, and David W. Rohde.  (University of Chicago Press,  2008.)
All subsequent paragraphs should be indented. “Page numbers for quotations from the book are done in this matter” (140). There are no footnotes in Journal of Politics
book reviews. References to texts not under review should be parenthetical only. 
Please type your name and institution, exactly as you wish it to be published, at the end of the review. For example:
Valerie Hoekstra, Arizona State University.